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NATAL is changing the lives of millions of Israelis by providing support for trauma and PTSD. Your support makes that possible.

Spotlight: 700 Rockets, 2000 calls in 7 Days: NATAL’s Role

In 48 hours, 700 rockets fell onto Israel. A week later, the dust has settled, yet so many are left struggling with the impact. Despite the ceasefire, NATAL continues working in emergency mode, with volunteers working around the clock fielding 2000 incoming Helpline calls in 7 days. For some, the rockets bring trauma that is new and raw. For others, the rockets trigger past traumas. For all, the trauma can be debilitating.

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Spotlight: NATAL Brings Resiliency Training to NJ’s First Responders

EMTs, firefighters, cops. They run towards car crashes, fight the largest of flames and respond to mass shootings. What happens when they can’t get the things they see and hear over and over again out of their minds? What’s going through their minds when they think about the lives they weren’t able to save?

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