Why NATAL? AFN Board Member Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk shares his passion for NATAL and what inspired him to join the effort to help victims of trauma. 

I became involved with NATAL five years ago when visiting Israel with an interfaith group of travelers to Israel. The ministers I was taking on their first visit to Israel were captivated as I was by the passion NATAL has to deliver care for a wounded and stress-riddled society due to the conflict and a culture that can be violent and harsh.

What moved me so deeply to get involved is that I am an American Jewish leader concerned with Israel and Zionism. But I also recognize within me a feeling of  helplessness when Israel is under missile attack or needing to take action regarding the conflict with the Palestinians or neighboring countries to Israel. Recognizing that political support is one way to help, I do support Israel politically. But NATAL helps me support people living with the conflict in Israel to respond to the stress and trauma that takes its toll on them. Sharing a gift with NATAL or raising others awareness about NATAL’s work is an immediate investment in the trauma care that is so deeply needed. I know that when I make a gift or educate another person about the work that NATAL does that I am empowering them to deeply impact the people who need it so greatly.

There is a young girl that our synagogue help sponsor in Ashkelon, whose parents contacted NATAL because their daughter would not change to pajamas for bed at night, sleeping with her t-shirt, jeans socks and shoes on ready to run for shelter. She needs more than a bomb shelter. She needs counsel and mentorship and outlets to share her anxiety and she is an example of someone that I have told people about here in the U.S. that they can help with a highly valued gift to help NATAL nurture a more resilient and protected Israeli society.

L’shalom al Yisrael,


Robert Nosanchuk
Senior Rabbi
Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple


To join Rabbi Nosanchuk in supporting NATAL, please consider giving to this campaign.  All donations through May 12th, up to $20,000 will be matched!