NATAL Receives Prestigious 2017 Midot Seal of Effectiveness for Social Activism

NATAL, Israel Trauma & Resiliency Center Receives Prestigious 2017 Midot Seal of Effectiveness for Social Activism

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 15, 2017—NATAL, Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center today received the prestigious Midot Seal of Effectiveness for Social Activism for 2017. This honor was given to just three organizations this year. In announcing the award, Midot’s selection panel said this of NATAL:

“The public committee for the selection of winners was deeply impressed by (NATAL’s) work in the treatment of trauma victims due to terror and war and their families, the increased awareness and public knowledge of the issue and the strengthening of the resilience of Israeli society. The committee was tremendously impressed by the reach of the organization, which includes approximately 250,000 people, its entry into a new field and having a significant impact on it, and its success in producing a range of self-generating incomes. Its exceptional investment in infrastructure and the process of drawing lessons from the dedicated research and evaluation unit expresses a deep commitment to the continuous improvement of the organization’s programs and activities.”

“We are extremely humbled to have been one of the organizations bestowed with this important designation,” said COL. Orly Gal (RET.), NATAL’s CEO. “The responsibility we have in building resiliency across the State and in caring for those traumatized by terror or war here, is immense and we owe it to our clients and our supporters to be as efficient as possible, to constantly look for ways to improve, and to maximize our impact to the greatest extent possible”.

Midot’s evaluation process analyzes the likelihood of a given NPO to become effective, namely, its ability to create social value and improve the lives of its beneficiaries. The rating process of NPOs is based on a methodology which was developed after examining various strategies practiced around the world for organizational evaluation, and while engaging in an ongoing discourse with different organizations, donors, and critics.