Chicago hospitals lean on church leaders to help stem emotional toll of gun violence

NATAL is proud to present a recent article from detailing NATAL’s recent collaboration with the TURN community center and faith leaders in Chicago.

“For over five weeks, the pastors were trained by members of NATAL, a Tel Aviv-based not-for-profit that offers in-person therapy, as well as a helpline, for victims or military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The organization believes trauma represents “invisible wounds” in people, said Orly Gal, the program’s executive director.”


NATAL professional, Moshe Siegel, hugs a pastor who has graduated a course teaching pastors how to counsel victims, perpetrators and witnesses of gun violence.


Pastor Chris Harris, CEO of Bright Star Community Outreach, speaks to Bronzeville pastors who have graduated a trauma counseling course run by experts from NATAL.