Supporting Your Children in Times of Stress

    In times of adversity and turmoil, stress evokes strong emotions and causes uncertainty in all of us. As parents, we are in the best position to help our children. The following tips have been prepared to provide broad guidelines to help you in these tough...

    “I Am A Bereaved Commander” – The Story of Lt. Gen. (Res) Benny Gantz

      “I am a bereaved commander” Former IDF Chief of General Staff, Lt.-Gen. (Res) Benny Gantz. “I didn’t think I had any type of post-trauma. But the people, the situations, and the feelings stay with you forever, and they don’t d...

      A Path Back from Trauma: The Story of Gilad Shimon Vital

        For more than half his life Gilad Shimon Vital, a singer and musician, lived in a place of dark and ongoing trauma- the depths of which he was not even aware- rather than progressing along a healthier more natural course. Thus began his journal of his reco...

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