Creating a More Resilient Israel, and Ensure a Strong Future

American Friends of NATAL’s (AFN) mission is to support and strengthen NATAL’s important work, providing vital assistance to Israelis suffering from trauma primarily due to terrorism and war, and ensuring the vital health and well-being of Israel for now and for the future.

AFN proudly assists NATAL’s professionals and volunteers who respond to the ever growing needs and demand for help. With AFN’s support, NATAL’s Helpline, Clinical, and Mobile Units support hundreds of families weekly At the same time, NATAL’s Outreach Unit provides resiliency programming to thousands across Israel each year.

AFN also engages in innovative collaborations, partnering with US organizations who seek NATAL’s expertise in the field of trauma preparedness and recovery. In doing so, AFN brings NATAL’s  groundbreaking work to aid Americans in returning to productive lives.

AFN unites a community of dedicated supporters who share a common goal:
helping NATAL to ensure a brighter tomorrow by taking care of Israel today.
Join us in creating a vibrant, more resilient Israel.

AFN is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code headquartered in New York City.  Our federal tax ID number is 20-1914370.